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Oral Transmucosal Drug Delivery

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In their search for alternative delivery methods that will enhance compliance and improve safety, drug developers and researchers are discovering that the permeability of mucous membranes provides a convenient route for the systemic delivery of new and existing therapeutic drugs. Transmucosal delivery offers the potential for once daily dosing of oral drugs and avoids the effects of first pass metabolism. On the provider side, the development of alternative methods of drug administration has improved the ability of physicians to manage specific problems. Practitioners now recognize the rapid onset, relative reliability, and the general lack of patient discomfort when drugs are administered by the transmucosal route. Growth in this sector will be driven by the pressure to extend market protection for numerous existing drugs with soon-to-expire patents.

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· Analyzes and evaluates oral transmucosal drug delivery technology platforms and their impact on the market

· Analyzes oral transmucosal drug products and pipeline product candidates

· Provides assessments of key oral transmucosal drug therapeutic categories

· Provides market data and forecasts to 2018

· Profiles market participants, their product development activities and strategies

Summary of Contents

Executive Summary

Drug Delivery Market Dynamics

Evolution in Drug Development
Market and Demand Drivers
Shifting Patient Demographics
The Impact of Generics
Managed Care Initiatives
Competitive Landscape

Competing Transmucosal Delivery Technologies

Oral Sprays
Buccal Films and Tablets
Sublingual Films and Wafers

Commercial Transmucosal Formulation Platforms

Oral Transmucosal Drug Technology Factors


FDA-Approved Oral Transmucosal Products

Andrenergic Inhibitors
GABA Agonists
Opioid Agonists
Psychotropic Agents
Serotonin 5-HT3 Inhibitors

Important Pipeline Product Candidates

Market Assessments & Forecasts

Infectious Disease
Pain Management
Sexual Health

Market Factors

Formulations and Proprietary Platforms
Government Regulations
Patent Expiration and Rx-to-OTC Switching

Market Participant Profiles