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Transdermal Drug Patches to 2024

Chart_Collage_160    Published February 2017  •  Catalog no. TKP438K17  •  Price US $3,850

Transdermal drug patches to 2024 analyzes products, markets and commercialization factors for drug patches. The report examines the advantages of ease of use, painlessness, disposability, control of drug delivery and avoidance of first-pass metabolism by the liver. Advances in synthetic materials and patch design have led to patches that are more aesthetically acceptable and that are capable of delivering sustained dosing of active compounds for several days in a smaller package.  Growth in demand for drug patches is being driven by several factors – factors with strong demographic and population trend underpinnings. Further improvements to transdermal transport and the introduction of new patch designs will keep this segment expanding through 2024.

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What You Will Learn

• What are the current transdermal drug patch markets and products, and what is the market potential for existing and probable future products?
• What is the impact of patch designs, technologies and patch development issues on commercialization?
• Who are the leading patch manufacturers and third-party transdermal supply chain companies?
• What is the current product and competitive landscape, and what are the details of the numerous products across the various patch product categories and markets?
• What is the size of the market now, and how will it change in the next seven years to 2024?
• Who are the transdermal drug patch product providers, and what are their product development activity, and strategies?
• What is the market impact of economic, technology, and regulatory factors?

Summary of Contents

Executive Summary

The Market Opportunity
Transdermal Drug Delivery Dynamics
Demand Drivers
Competitive Landscape
Factors Limiting Growth
Pharmacokinetics & Dosage Forms
Patch Manufacturing Dynamics
Patch Manufacturing Company Profiles

Product Analysis –
FDA-Approved Drugs Delivered via Transdermal Patches

CNS Stimulants
Cholinesterase Inhibitors
Dopamine Agonists
Hormone Replacement
Hypotensive Agents
Local Anesthetics
Opioid Analgesics

Development-stage Drug Patches

Market Analysis – Transdermal Drug Patch Therapeutics
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Motion Sickness
Pain Management

Market Factors
Regulatory Issues
IP and Expiring Patents
Rx-to-OTC Switching
Patient Compliance and Ease of Use
Healthcare Economics

Company Profiles